Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC), Boston, Room 101

World-renowned quantum physicist Professor S. desperately needs your help.

The fate and security of the entire world are in jeopardy.

Not to mention her funding...

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World-renowned quantum physicist Professor Alberta Pauline Schrödenberg is stuck on an airplane and desperately needs your help — the fate and security of the entire world (and more importantly, her funding!) hang in the balance. You'll have to search her lab, solve mind-blowing puzzles to reveal clues, and hopefully find a way to complete your mission! This APS- and NSF-funded outreach project is, we believe, the world’s only science-based 'escape-room', in which all the puzzles involve various physics phenomena. Our goal is to show that science can be useful and accessible (no prior background is assumed), as well as beautiful and fun!

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