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World-renowned quantum physicist Professor S. desperately needs your help.

A terrible virus could be the end of life as we know it.

Quantum tech is humanity's only hope…

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World-renowned quantum physicist Professor Alberta Pauline Schrödenberg is quarantining and desperately needs your help — the fate and security of the entire world hang in the balance, as you race to run the world’s first distributed quantum algorithm! You'll have to search her lab, solve mind-blowing puzzles to reveal clues, and hopefully find a way to complete your mission - saving us all! As featured in The New York Times, this APS- and NSF-funded outreach project is, we believe, the world’s first science-based 'escape-room', in which all the puzzles involve various physics phenomena. Our goal is to show that science can be useful and accessible (no prior background is assumed), as well as beautiful and fun!

We've now run nearly 11,000 Agents through, including ~1000 scientists (at the 2018 AAPT meeting in DC, the 2019 APS meeting in Boston, the 2019 DAMOP meeting in Milwaukee, and the 2022 TQC meeting in Urbana)—come see for yourself why LabEscape has 98% 5-star ratings, was described as "hands down the best escape room I've ever done!", and 'sold out' at the 2019 APS March meeting in Boston (note, the new mission is different than the 2019 APS mission, but essentially the same as 2022 TQC)!

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LabEscape will be available for only $3 for March meeting attendees and guests (12 and over please), with times available every day and evening Saturday through Friday. Create a team of 4-8 Agents (or join someone else's) and sign up today:

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We recommend you book as soon as possible, since LabEscape 'sold out' at the 2019 APS March meeting in Boston.

Questions? Please contact us at LabEscape@illinois.edu, or 1-815-683-8193 (leave a message or send a text).

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