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Professor S. has gone missing.

Four government agents have disappeared.

Nuclear launch codes are at risk.

The fate of the free world is in your hands!

Are YOU up to the challenge?

A Computer That Can Crack Every Code

Professor Schrödenberg, one of the world's foremost quantum physicists, was working on a top-secret project for a clandestine government organization.

But Professor S. disappeared three weeks ago, amidst fears that hostile agents were after her research: creating a quantum computer that could open any digital lock or encrypted message. If such a device fell into the wrong hands, the security of the entire world would be at risk! To make matters worse, the two groups of agents sent to investigate the scientist's secret lab also vanished.

Now it’s up to you to find out what happened to Professor S., the missing agents, and her breakthrough technology before hostile forces get there first.

Oh... did we mention that Professor S. is paranoid about intruders in her lab?

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In the News

Our mission: the Science of Fun

At the LabEscape project we are committed to creating an innovative escape game unlike any other.

First and foremost, we want to provide you a rewarding and thrilling experience that will leave you fondly reminiscing long after you’ve left. We also want to show you that science can be amazing, useful, beautiful, and yes, even fun!

We've created a series of jaw-dropping puzzles based on various science phenomena. You will literally see an object disappear before your eyes—no CGI tricks here! We’ll also provide simple explanations for these amazing science phenomena, with examples of how they already play a huge role "behind the scenes" in your daily life.

Our Team

Professor Paul Kwiat

Rebecca Wiltfong

Professor Tim Stelzer

Undergraduate and graduate students

Alex Hill

Brandon Powers

Brooke Polak

Cheol Lee

Courtney Krafczyk

Daniel Stelzer

Dawn Kaken

Elisabeth Lang

Eric Wynne

Julia Spina

Kayla Peck

Kristina Meier

Rebecca Holmes

Vivian Li

Yanting Teng


Alejandro DiPrizio

Barry Isralewitz

Brad Clymer

Gary Stitt

Jim Payne

Professor Kevin Pitts

Leo Wiltfong

Mike Haney

Professor Nadya Mason

Sarah Scott

Scott Schmidt